Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunshine in the Mist

Seven years have passed since 9/11, a series suicide attack by terrorists upon the US. I remembered watching the news and keep saying to myself that it wasn’t real, maybe newest trailer from a boxoffice movie. Sadly and slowly I realize it was real and live. Coincidently today I’m searching for ‘psychopath article’ since I have to give a lecture about that this month. My mood sank from bad to worse when I read about Diane Downs, who was found guilty shot her three small children to be free of them to continue her affair with her boyfriend, who did not want children in his life. Then I read more about different stories, same sadistic sceme especially done by someone who actually must love and take care of the victims. Before I repeat the boring line ‘what will this world turn to be..’, I try to gather myself and play with Denzel. Denzel, 14 months old seems sensitive enough to play quietly and peacefully with his 11 months old cousin, Tristan (seldom happened!). Suddenly Tristan, who want the plastic ware that Denzel was holding, try to grab it from Denzel’s hand several times and his last effort result it to hit hard on Denzel’s face. Before I rush to comfort him, Denzel rubbed his face and with a smile give the plastic ware to Tristan. Oh my, suddenly my gloomy mood fade away.. I know it’s just that small things, but a little kindness from my son’s seemed like sunshine in the mist for me^-^

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